Wako test label

Product.Nr.: ACE_000026

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WAKO label
this label is not sold separately and is only applied by us if one of the following products is purchased at the same time (important - one label is required for head protection and two labels are required for a pair of gloves):
< br> < td class=xl66 style=height:15.0pt- width:158pt width=211 height=20>– Retro < tr style=height:15.0pt height=20> Boxing gloves TOP TEN "AIBA" 10 OZ < td class=xl66 style=height:15.0pt- width:60pt width=80 height=20>LK, K1 < /tr> < /tr> < td class=xl66 style=width:60pt width=80>
< /tr> < td rowspan=3 class=xl66 style=width:60pt width=80>VK, LK, LowKick, K1 < /tr> < td class=xl66 style=height:15.0pt- width:60pt width=80 height=20>LK, K1
Company Article description   Article number Discipline
5 Elements FIGHT boxing glove   400310 (color black)
< /td>
Adidas Glove “Ultimate” - [1] Art. No. adi BCR 02 and adi BCB 02 LK, K1, VK, Lowkick
Adidas Open Hand Glove   Art.Nr. adi BFC-R01 and BFC-S01 PF
Adidas adi Zero headguard   Order number: adiBHG028 PF, LK, VK, Lowkick, K1
Color: white, red, blue, black
Size: XS, S , M, L, XL
Adidas PERFORMER glove   adiBC01-2-90000-10 LC, KL, FC, LK, K1
Budoland TOP TEN "Superfight 3000" competition glove   2041 - all colors VK, Low kick
  2043 – all colors  
10 OZ and 8 OZ 2044 LK, K1
– Special Edition 2045 - all colors  
– Flame    
– 3-Tone    
Budoland TOP TEN "Superfight 3000" competition gloves
< /font>
2046 - all colors LK
10 OZ and 8 OZ
Warrior (for youth only)
Budoland   2011 – 4010/6010 VK, Lowkick
Budoland TOP "TEN Fight" boxing gloves 10 OZ
< /font>
2066 - all colors VK, LK, Lowkick, K1
Budoland TOP TEN "Superfight 3000 Open Hands" all sizes   2051 PF
Budoland Open Hands TOP TEN "Fight" all sizes   2065 PF
Budoland "Ultimate women fight" 10 OZ   2042 LK
Budoland Semi Gloves TOP TEN "Point Fighter" all sizes   2165 - all colors PF
2166 - all colors
Budoland Semi Contact "Pointfighter - fight Elite"   2765 – black PF
2765 – white
Budoland Fight ELITE Glove
2741-1 (white 10oz) VK, Lowkick
2741-9 (black 10oz) LK, K1
Budoland Top Ten Head Protection "Competition Fight"   4061-4 red PF, LK,
4061-6 blue VK, Lowkick, K1
4061-9 black  
Budoland Top Ten Head Protection "Avangarde"   4066-4 red PF, LK,
4066-6 blue VK, Lowkick, K1
< font size=3 face=arial>  
4066-1 white
4066-2 yellow  
4066-9 black  
Budoland< /font> Top Ten head protection "Avangarde Jochbein"   4063 PF,LK,VK, Lowkick, K1
Green Hill Glove "Tiger" 10 OZ
SKU GBTT-2010-02 VK, LK, LowKick, K1
SKU BGT 2010-01
Colors - red, blue,
Green Hill Glove "Panther" 10 OZ - [1] SKU BGP 2098
Colors - red, blue, black
Green Hill Winning Headguard   KHW 9033 PF, VK, LK, LowKick, K1
Colors - red, blue, black
Kanchos< /td> Profession & Excellence glove
< /font>
  LK, K1, VK, Lowkick
KWON Glove "Ergo Champ" 10 OZ
< /td>
4002210, 4003310 VK, LK, LowKick, K1
Colors - red, blue, black
< font size=3 face=arial>KWON Glove "Phantom" 10 OZ< /font>   40151 (red) PF
40152 ( blue)
40153 (black)
Gr. S, M, L, XL
KWON Shocklite CE Headguard   4007601 VK , LK, PF, LowKick, K1
Colors white, blue,
 - red and black
MANUS < font size=3 face=arial>Boxing glove "MANUS Klett V" 10 OZ   101003 VK, Lowkick
101007 LK, K1
10009< /td>  
< /td>
black and white
< /td>
< font size=3 face=arial>  
Club colors possible  
MANUS Manus Open Hands Kickboxing Glove   150001 PF
MANUS< /font> Abrazo Headguard   620204 PF, VK, LK, Lowkick, K1
Paffen Sport Glove "Contest" (from May 1st, 2014)   Item No. 612001 (black) LK, VK, Lowkick, K1
612002 (red)
612004 (blue)
PHOENIX "Budo's Finest" 10 OZ
100-BH71W VK, Lowkick
PHOENIX Professional Line Retro Glove   100-BH46 VK, Lowkick
Color black-brown LK, K1
PHOENIX Glove "Professional line" - [1] 100-BH41 VK, Lowkick
Color black and white LK, K1
PHOENIX Kickboxing Headguard [1]

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