Boxing Shoes Boxing Boots

Boxing shoes or boxing boots are shoes specially developed for boxing, which support the athlete thanks to their special processing. You should therefore avoid wearing "normal" sports shoes during training, as these were usually not developed for the demands of boxing. Boxing shoes are flatter, have a thin sole and reinforced ankles. In boxing, the movement of the hips is crucial and with a firm stand, which is optimally achieved with a boxing shoe, the athlete can develop more potential here. At the same time, the ankle is supported by the high shaft during the turning movement, thus reducing the risk of injury. The boxing shoes have flat, thin and light-colored soles with minimal ankle reinforcement. Boxing technique always requires the use of the hips. With a firm stand, for which the boxing boot was optimally designed, the energy from the leg can be converted perfectly into impact hardness and impact speed by turning in the hip. The thinner and more undamped the sole of the boxing shoes, the better for the punching power. There are special sports socks for the boxing shoes.