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Boxing Gloves

Find the perfect boxing gloves: A comprehensive "Boxing Gloves Guide" from BOXHAUS

In the world of boxing, boxing gloves are the indispensable tool. Our hands are not naturally designed to deliver punches, and the strain of boxing can lead to hematomas, capsule and ankle injuries and even broken bones in the long term. This is exactly where boxing gloves come into play - they protect you as an athlete from these dangers.
Another important aspect is protecting your opponent. When training, the focus is usually not on maximum punching, but rather on trying out techniques. The cushioning properties of boxing gloves make this targeted practice possible. The boxing gloves commonly used today have thick padding above the back of the hand and in front of the fist. They are pre-curved to adapt to the anatomy of your hand, and the thumb is sewn on to prevent overstretching in the event of a mishits. In Olympic amateur boxing, fitness boxing and often in training, the practical Velcro fasteners are common, which also stabilize your wrist.

In professional boxing, on the other hand, lace-up gloves are usually used, which fit a little better, but may require the help of a partner to put them on.

The 10 most important questions about boxing gloves - answered for you!

How much do boxing gloves weigh?
The unit for dividing boxing gloves is the weight in ounces (oz), with one ounce weighing exactly 28.3495231 grams.
  • Weight 6 oz boxing glove - approx. 170.1 g
  • Weight 8 oz boxing glove - approx. 226.8 g
  • Weight 10 oz boxing glove - approx. 283.5 g
  • Weight 12 oz boxing glove - approx. 340.2 g
  • Weight 14 oz boxing glove - approx. 396.9 g
  • Weight 16 oz boxing glove - approx. 453.6 g
  • Weight 18 oz boxing glove - approx. 510.3 g
The weight of a boxing glove doesn't really say anything about its size, the “usual” Glove sizes do not apply to boxing gloves!

How many oz should boxing gloves have?
That depends on what exactly is to be done, basically the following applies: the higher the ounces, the heavier the boxing glove, the greater the protection of the hand.

Boxing glove size chart:
  • Children up to 10 oz - number of ounces corresponds to age
  • Technical training with pads and punching bag - 10 oz and 12 oz
  • Strength and endurance on the punching bag - 14 oz and 16 oz
  • Sparring - at least 14 oz
  • Fitness boxing - from 10 oz depending on training goal

What size boxing gloves should you choose?
This requires a bit of experience, traditional European or American boxing gloves are usually cut to fit an average Central European. However, there are also slight differences here. Brands such as Leone1947, Venum, Hayabusa, Everlast, TopTen and Paffen Sport are smaller in size. Benlee, Lonsdale, Phantom, RDX and Sting are somewhat larger in comparison. And even bigger would be 7Punch or our BOXHAUS Abnotic boxing gloves.
Thai boxing gloves, on the other hand, are not as big; cut, as Thais are generally smaller than Europeans, their boxing gloves are also cut a little smaller and tighter.
As the number of ounces increases, the cut of a boxing glove also changes and higher ounces therefore also offer more space for large hands (Important: this only ever applies to the same model, comparisons between different models are not valid here).

Our personal recommendation is therefore as follows:
  • For children up to 10 years old, we recommend choosing the ounces according to age. For example, a child aged 6 or 7 should ideally have a 6 oz glove, while a child aged 8 or 9 should wear an 8 oz glove.
  • Women generally prefer a weight of 10 or 12 oz. If the glove is heavier, Muay Thai boxing gloves are also recommended, as they are always cut a little smaller.
  • Men like to start with 12 or 14 oz, but for larger hands and more advanced training, we definitely recommend a higher weight, as the gloves become larger in fit with increasing weight.
  • Ifyou want to train dynamic techniques, a lighter weight of 10 or 12 ounces is ideal.
  • If you are looking for strength and endurance, however, you should go for a heavier weight of 14 or 16 ounces.
  • In sparring, it is important to protect your opponent, so a weight of at least 14 ounces or more is recommended. The higher weight and the greater cushioning that usually comes with it effectively prevent injuries.

The more ounces, the heavier the boxing glove. However, a higher weight does not necessarily mean that you can hit harder. The speed of your punch influences the power of the punch more than the weight of the glove. The rule of thumb is: "The more ounces, the lower the risk of injury during training."
For sparring, we therefore recommend boxing gloves from 14 oz, depending on your training level and body weight.
If you are working on pads and want to train fast, dynamic punch combinations, lighter gloves of 10 oz are recommended, and 12 oz for technique training on the punching bag.
If, on the other hand, you want to let off steam on the punching bag, the gloves can be a little heavier - 14 oz and more are recommended here.

Which boxing gloves for competition?
Amateur boxing: All weight and age classes box with 10 oz boxing gloves, except for men (elite), for whom 12 oz is prescribed.
Professional boxing:
  • From mini flyweight to welterweight 8 oz
  • Light middleweight to heavyweight 10 oz

Boxing gloves made of leather or synthetic leather?
Until now, leather boxing gloves were and are more robust than those made of synthetic leather. There are now many manufacturers who only use 90% synthetic leather to produce their products, as the new synthetic leather is hardly inferior to real leather in terms of quality, feel and demand for vegan/vegetarian products.
Note, however, that leather gloves can easily be damaged by moisture such as sweat. You should therefore let them dry thoroughly after each use and always use bandages that absorb sweat. Synthetic leather boxing gloves are usually cheaper and are recommended above all for a cost-effective introduction to boxing.

Which gloves should you wear when boxing?
In principle, we always recommend boxing gloves, even for training on the punching bag. Boxing gloves are the gloves that offer the greatest protection, there is no alternative. Punching bags or MMA gloves can also be used, but we only recommend them to advanced athletes, as their wrists and ankles are already trained accordingly.

How many ounces do professional boxers weigh?
Professional competition gloves weigh between 8oz and 10oz. The same applies to professional training gloves as to all boxing gloves. The only difference is that professional boxers prefer lace-up gloves

Which boxing gloves are for beginners?
First of all, the following questions must be clarified - What do I want to train? How often do I want to train?
For irregular and light training, it doesn't have to be the most expensive glove. Children in particular have to find their way in boxing and sometimes quickly lose interest; high expenses for initial equipment are not necessary. A cheap glove is therefore sufficient for testing.
What is actually much more essential than the boxing glove is the boxing bandage, because if wrapped correctly, it protects the hand and ankle and supports the joints.

Can you wash leather boxing gloves?
NO! You would destroy your glove. Your boxing gloves should be aired out and dried well after each use. You can use newspaper or drying pads, for example those from NoStink. There are special sprays to combat the smell.

What do I have to consider when buying boxing gloves?
As there are many different requirements and training methods, this topic is very extensive and cannot be answered in a few sentences... Our tip: Get advice! For this purpose, we offer the following advice line: +49(0)38488-509809

We also answer further questions in our blog: 1000-fragen-boxhandschuhe-boxhaus-blog