Venum White Snake Boxschuhe Damen Weiss

Product.Nr.: AAF_003373

Manufacturer: Venum

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Inspired by the ever-renewing power of the snake, the Venum White Snake Boxing Shoes are part of this stunning collection featuring a snakeskin print and black logo details.

These shoes are based on Venum's best-selling model, the Elite Evo Monogram, developed in collaboration with professional fighters. Despite its light weight, this shoe offers excellent support and is ideal for boxers of all experience levels.

The forefoot area has lateral reinforcements that provide adequate foot support and promote stability during movement. The flatter insole provides additional stability throughout the shoe. The grippy sole and ergonomic shape encourage the athlete to move forward.

The Venum Elite Evo is a shoe for real attackers and offers excellent lateral support with its mid-cut upper, allowing you to move around the ring with ease.
  • Tri-Material: Lacquer PU glossy, PU Flex, Mesh Honeycomb
  • Rubber outsole for grip, durability and stability.
  • Comfort optimized thanks to the anatomical and flatter insole,
  • Glued insole to reduce the risk of slipping
  • Dynamic and high lateral support

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