Training boxing ring ECONOMY DOUBLE 10x5m - 3 ropes

Product.Nr.: AKU_000009_H2

Manufacturer: BOXHAUS Boxing

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  • weight 500 kg
  • Selection: one size

  • delivery time 4- 9 Arbeitstage (DE)

This durable and lightweight training boxing ring offers a versatile solution for your gym. Suitable for both permanent and temporary placements, this boxing ring requires no drilling into the floor or wall. The steel frame of the boxing ring can be easily screwed together and is ready to use. You can place it on a tatami or wooden floor, and its lightweight design means it can even be used in the garden.

Two training fields:
This boxing ring offers two training fields in one, which means you can save even more space in your gym. The boxing ring Economic is particularly advantageous if you already use tatami mats in your studio as it can easily be built on top of it.

Easy to move:
The mobility of this boxing ring is unbeatable. Two people can easily move it from one place to another on a level floor.

Corners and cords made of imitation leather:
The ropes and corners of this ring are made according to; designed to the latest safety standards. They feature a core of steel wire housed in a protective layer to minimize cuts and potential injury. The foam padding ensures safety and comfort, while the faux leather case is easy to clean.

Lightweight steel construction:
The boxing ring's steel construction is lightweight yet strong. This allows for easy movement while maintaining reliable stability.

We offer you the opportunity to order this boxing ring in different colors. You can choose the color combinations of the ropes and the ring frame according to your wishes. If you prefer a boxing ring with 4 ropes, this is also possible without any problems. Just contact us.

Versatile on any surface:
This boxing ring can be set up on different surfaces without the need for drilling. The steel frame bolts together easily and can be placed on a tatami or wooden floor. Thanks to its lightweight design, it can even be used outdoors, for example in the garden.

Steel frame:
The steel frame of the ring is deliberately designed to be light and simple. The surface is powder coated for exceptional durability and long life.

Through the direct cooperation with the manufacturer an almost complete customization is possible. Please contact us.

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