Throwdown Striking Knee Pads

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Throwdown knee protectors
Neoprene cuffs with leather friction surface for maximum stress
Supplied in pairs

Test report by David Rost, BARACUDA eV -
Review: Throwdown Knee PadsKnee pads that work in MMA training!
In my search for suitable protection against mat fire and knee injuries when shooting, I have already tested countless models in well-known department stores.
Failure criterion No. 1 + 2 was always slipping and limitations in mobility in grappling (the triangle would be an example).

The Throwdown knee pads are massively padded and made of high-quality neoprene and leather. They are a bit stiff at the beginning, but become much more flexible in the course of the first training sessions. The neoprene tube does a good job here and prevents slipping, similar to MMA Shin Guards.
The padding is fantastic - regardless of the surface is here solid protection guaranteed. You can even (theoretically) train on a parquet floor.
The protectors are also ideal for protecting your partner in Muay Thai sparring, but they are a bit firmer than the usual foam pads!
Admittedly, the price is a hurdle - me personally, however, I would like to do without major knee problems for a long time and consider the importance of good knee protection to be similar to that of a mouth or groin guard.

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