Tape Lab Medical Athletic Big Roll Tape 37.5mm x 13.7m 2 Bla

Product.Nr.: AKP_000004_H2

Manufacturer: Tape Lab

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As soon as you tie your belt or slip into your rashguard, it's time to forget the daily madness. Imagine being able to leave everything behind and focus only on your training session. Complete the next technique with your training partner or survive the round against a strong opponent.
It's about you, the art of moving and having so much fun doing it. as possible.
All of this should be possible without fear of hurting your fingers. There are things that happen all the time and can lead to injury, but nobody wants to take a break from their hobby because of an injury.
But now there is a way to prevent these injuries, the necessary support for your training on the mat. Do something good for your fingers and fingers and choose Tape Lab!
  • The main goal of this tape is to keep moving. That's why the medical sports tape is based on a non-elastic substrate made of 100% viscose for a high level of support throughout the workout.
  • This tape is extremely sticky, so at the end of the workout it is sometimes difficult to find the end of the tape to remove. Plus, there's no sticky residue left after peeling.
  • This tape is hypoallergenic, because you shouldn't get any reaction to the tape when its primary purpose is to support you. That's why the sports tape is latex-free and uses medical-grade hot melt adhesive enriched with zinc oxide to ensure a skin-friendly, non-irritating fit.
  • The texture of the fabric is designed so that there is space between the fibers. As a result, sweat can’ and other sweat secretions are transported to the surface of the medical finger tape and is therefore also extremely breathable.
  • Quantity: 2 pieces

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