Super Pro Combat Gear Pattaya Focus Handpratzen Schwarz

Product.Nr.: ADE_000371

Manufacturer: Super Pro Combat Gear

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These Super Pro Combat Gear Pattaya Focus hand guards are a must for every gym and ideal for precision work during boxing training. They are made of robust and durable buffalo leather, which not only gives them an attractive look but also ensures their durability.

The padding consists of two layers of material that effectively absorb shock, which is a plus for both the coach and the athlete. The padded palm even features a grip ball that improves grip and control during training.

With the Velcro fastener, these hand pads are securely attached to the wrist, providing additional stability. Despite their robustness, these hand grips are light and easy to use. Their curved shape makes it easier for the trainer to absorb and deliver punches and techniques precisely.

The Lion logo in the center of the pads also serves as an aiming point for the athlete to improve the accuracy of their shots. Super Pro Combat Gear is known for its high quality products, and these hand guards are no exception. Developed in collaboration with experienced trainers, they are an excellent choice for boxers and martial artists at any level.
  • Material: buffalo leather
  • Padded wrist for extra support and comfort
  • Größe: 26x 19x 6 cm
  • Grip ball for a good grip
  • Shock-absorbing padding
  • Velcro fastener

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