Stroops Fit Stick Pro

Product.Nr.: ADO_000029

  • weight 1,5 kg

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Simplicity has a name: Fit Stick Pro. This ultra-light, 1m long stick made of the finest steel with 2 handles and fastening eyelets on both ends enables a variety of training options and exercises. Not only the pushing and pulling movement patterns are excellently trained with this, but also striking movements as can be seen in tennis or baseball, as well as in ice hockey/hockey can be simulated with the Fit Stick Pro and corrected and ground in with pinpoint accuracy.
< br>The stability of the torso in rotational movements, which is extremely important for boxing, rowing or golf, is improved with little effort with this training device.

Scope of delivery: 1 x Fit Stick Pro
Length: approx. 106cm
Weight: approx. 1.5kg
Optional accessories: Stroops 48 Slastix toner with clips

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