MMA Shorts

MMA shorts were specially developed for MMA training and are mostly made of microfiber or ribstop fabric. They offer enough legroom for explosive high kicks and still protect better against e.g. mat fire than e.g. Thai shorts could. In addition, they are very robust and can withstand the heavy strain of MMA training. MMA shorts are sports shorts for mixed martial arts and are equally suitable for women and men. MMA pants are mainly worn in MMA, BJJ and grappling when fighting or training without a GI, but can also be used in any other activity. When it comes to MMA pants, a distinction is made between Vale Tudo, training shorts and competition shorts. All fight shorts are particularly comfortable, breathable, tear-resistant and give the athletes maximum freedom of movement thanks to the elasticity of the pants. Polyester is particularly breathable - leads to odor neutralization, dries quickly and is comfortable to wear.

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