Shock Doctor Double STC mouthguard

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Shock Doctor Double STC double mouthguard for the upper and lower jaw

THE TOP MOUTHGUARD from the USA! - If you want to surpass the Shock Doctor sports mouthguard, you can only go to the dentist to have a custom mouthguard made for you.

A quick note in advance - double mouthguards are not for everyone - most of the time they require breathing through the nose which not every fighter can master - if you have no experience with mouthguards you should use a protection for the Begin upper jaw

* ultimate protection for upper and lower jaw due to two-layer construction and Shock Transfer Core (patented protective material)
* air-filled cushions provide additional protection for teeth and brain
* Compression Fit System ensures for easy and precise insertion as well as a perfect fit and pressure-free wearing comfort
* unrestricted breathing possible through special air slits
* antibacterial
* Size: for adults (recommended from 12 years and older)

Not for Wearers of brackets (fixed braces) suitable!!Attention, the dental insurance offered on the cover is unfortunately only valid for citizens of the USA!

ATTENTION IMPORTANT NOTE EIS: The mouth guards are welded airtight for reasons of hygiene - mouth guards where this seal has been broken or damaged can unfortunately no longer be exchanged by us.

Adjusting is actually quite simple - if you are inexperienced or if you have any questions, please call us before fitting - fitting errors are not a reason for a complaint:

1. bring water to a boil
2. take the pot off the stove and let it cool down for 10 s
3. put the face mask in the hot, non-boiling water for about 20-30 s
4. take the mouthguard out of the water with a spoon
5. cool down in cold water so you don't burn yourself
6. stand in front of a mirror and put the face mask in the middle
7. clench your teeth - be careful not to bite the front air slits or bite through the mouthguard and adjust the mouthguard, from back to front, also use your fingers
8. keep it in your mouth for about 20 s
9. cool it to normal temperature in cold water
10. done... otherwise start again at 1

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