Sale Throwdown Thaipads Curved pair

Product.Nr.: ACZ_000089

  • weight 0,5 kg

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Throwdown Curved Thai Pads are curved towards the middle and help you hit the spot. Curved pads are the perfect training device to improve your punch, kick and knee-elbow combinations. They are made of the highest quality leather, sewn three times. and therefore extremely durable. The quadruple riveted handle and the two adjustable forearm straps guarantee optimal support during training. Sold in pairs.

- Material: leather
- Dimensions: 39 x 22 x 17 cm
- Total weight: approx. 1.1 kg
- Handle riveted four times
- 2 underarm loops with velcro
- can be worn on the right or left
- colour: black
- sold in pairs

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