SALE Reebok Steel Bells 2 3kg 9 1kg

Product.Nr.: ABW_000023

  • weight 3 kg

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Steel Bells are a combination of a punching bag, dumbbell, barbell, medicine ball, and kettlebell with added dynamic movement thanks to the steel ball filling.
This movement promotes balance, coordination, responsiveness, and strengthens muscles.
Made Made from a durable, extra thick neoprene.

Product Features
Size varies from 2.3kg - 9.1kg
Steel Bells are safe. They can be swung and thrown with maximum power without being able to injure yourself or others.
A patented filling mechanism enables the athlete to fill or empty the SteelBells with steel balls as required and thus adjust the weight individually.< br>soft and stretchy material, comfortable and resistant to the touch, can be pulled, pressed and hard in everyday use.

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