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Muay Thai DVD Counter against fist and leg techniques Christoph Delp

Length 88 min.

Muay Thai, also known as Thai boxing, is a traditional martial art that was developed centuries ago.< br>Nowadays Thai boxing is trained as a competitive and fitness sport as well as for self-defence.
The tough and spectacular techniques inspire more and more athletes and spectators.

In this DVD of the Thai boxing series by Christoph Delp learn counterattacks against fist and leg techniques.
Ten current Thai boxing champions show you how best to defend against an opponent's attack and then follow up effectively with your own attacking technique.
Counters are included including against straight punches, side hooks, uppercuts, round kicks at any height, forward kicks, side kicks and jump kicks.
You will learn how to catch and attack the opponent's attacking leg and also how to defend yourself if the opponent catches your kicking leg gt.

The cast includes current world champions such as Saiyok, Kem, Phetbonchu, Antuan and Armin.
In this DVD you will learn the techniques the athletes use to win their competitions.
All the important ones Technique details are explained in detail so that you can easily understand and use them.
The DVD menu is clearly structured and each technique can be clicked on individually.
Use the DVD to become an advanced Thai boxer develop.
You can also use the techniques to defend yourself effectively in a self-defense situation.
Attention FSK 16 proof of age required

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