Sale Hayabusa MMA Shin Instep Guards white SM

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Hayabusa is the newcomer to the MMA market and claims to manufacture the most advanced MMA fightwear in the world.
MMA is a merciless sport, one mistake can make the difference between victory and defeat.
It is all the more important to train with the best trainer and to work with the best equipment.
Perfection is the only key to success and Hayabusa has the equipment for it.

- minimal weight for optimal mobility and speed
- ergonomic shape for best body contact
- premium foam padding with best impact absorption high temperature regulation height

Test report by David Rost, BARACUDA eV - - MUAY THAI &- MMA:

Review: Hayabusa MMA Shinguard

These shin guards convinced me above all with their workmanship. The neoprene encloses the entire lower leg so that it does not slip (even when grappling). Another big advantage is the extremely light weight. Compared to other shin guards, you hardly feel them. I would describe the padding as sufficient. Not too thin, not too thick - the leather is robust and of high quality.

The only downside of this product is the relatively high price. But you have the Hayabusa usual top quality and a fantastic design. I wouldn't want to give mine away!

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