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Hayabusa GSP 16oz Limited Edition Glove

Hayabusa and reigning Welterweight Champion Georges St-Pierre have worked together again to create the new Hayabusa Georges St-Pierre Signature 16oz Glove.

This one Glove meets the high performance and perfection that George St-Pierre himself expects. Each pair is designed and engineered to meet the demanding needs and practices of the sport.

Presented in its own Special Collectors Box, these premium quality gloves are a Limited Edition and only while stocks last available.
The Hayabusa GSP boxing gloves are among the best that is currently available on the market. Its Delta EG core combines the advantages of maximum protection with the highest possible performance. In addition, the Tokushu convinces with the patented dual-tokushu-x closure system, which, in combination with Fusion Splinting, ensures a strong fixation of the wrists to prevent possible injuries. The convincing image of the Tokushu is rounded off by a specific carbonized bamboo filling that promises the highest level of comfort and the newly developed Vylar cut edge technology, which is intended to make the leather used even more durable.

The advantages at a glance:
- offers Lots of space, even for big hands or thick bandages
- Patented Dual-x closure system and Fusion-Zone wrist reinforcement
- Offers the latest in injury prevention
- Maximized impact power and longer durability thanks to new cutting edge technology
- exclusive comfort and heat regulation thanks to a carbonized bamboo filling

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