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Cleto Reyes training and sparring boxing gloves

In contrast to the competition variant, the sparring gloves from Reyes are thick and compactly padded and therefore meet all the requirements of sparring use

Anyone who trains with Reyes gloves always wears one Mythos on his hands - he trains with gloves that are used in more than half of all professional world championships and with which none other than Ali fought his fights. They are still made today in the Reyes family's factory in Mexico and both the Mexican leather and the outstanding workmanship make them so unique. - if you talk about a Mexican-style boxing glove today, you mean Cleto Reyes "The Gloves of the Champions"

The sparring gloves from Reyes are manufactured with the same precision as the competition gloves using the highest quality materials. The upholstery consists of a water-repellent nylon fabric. The wrist area is extra long for the best protection during sparring and a sewn-on thumb is a matter of course. These gloves are available in 12 oz (red, yellow, white, black, blue) and in 14 oz, 16 oz and 18 oz (black).

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