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Manufacturer: Adidas

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Adidas Tyrint III

top martial arts shoes especially for wrestling and boxing but also for all other "indoor" sports. Because of its robustness top for competition and training. Breathable, open mesh nylon material.

Use and care instructions for our wrestling shoes:

All of our shoes are optimized for use on the mat - use on indoor, asphalt or natural ground accelerates the Wear and tear of the shoes many times over. Please do not use the shoes for the warm-up program (football, basketball, etc.) under any circumstances.

The Adistrike Wrestling and Response Wrestling shoes are designed purely as competition shoes. Only the models Tyrint III, Combat Speed II and Pretereo are suitable for the extraordinary strain during training.

Please take your shoes out of the sports bag after training and let them dry out - please do not leave your shoes wet or damp under any circumstances use again for training - this can permanently damage the bonding of the outsoles.

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