RDX H1 Sweat Suit Blue

Product.Nr.: AIU_000564

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RDX Sports recognizes that cutting-edge technology is required for something as simple as losing weight before a competition, so this sauna suit is the epitome of high-end technology. A slim-fit, zip-up unisex design made from the finest Instant Sweat™ fabric that saves you 20% more weight than the average sweat suit. With this extremely heat-insulating, wind- and waterproof, odor-free mixture of nylon and PU you effectively sweat off weight. Elastic hand and foot cuffs regulate the heat transfer, reduce the heat loss rate and still offer full freedom of movement. Hoodie with drawstring and pant waistband further enhance suit efficiency without sacrificing functionality.
  • Super durable Instant Sweat™ fabric is an effective combination of PU and nylon that increases perspiration up to 20% more than other weight loss suits
  • Elasticated cuffs, ankles, waistband and jacket bottom ensure full heat retention with minimal thermal displacement
  • Washable - tear-resistant design promises several cold hand washes without damaging the material in the slightest
  • Luminous logo on the front, back and side of the temples ensure your safety when training outdoors or on the street at night
  • Perfectly sewn with Advanced DS-Seam™ Seams for optimal flexibility and resilience

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