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Product.Nr.: AKX_000001

Manufacturer: RevGear

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Embark on your mixed martial arts journey with the Premier Deluxe MMA Training Glove and be well prepared for every challenge in training and in the cage.

  • NO LOSS OF GRIP - the tight fit ensures a tight grip without losing grip during fights and sparring.
  • GREAT ALL-ROUND PROTECTION - use the same glove for both ground fighting and stand-up training, so you don’t have to switch to a larger glove mid-workout.
  • EASY FIST BLENDING- Contoured fingertips make fist clenching a lot easier.
  • FASTER FITNESS - Pre-formed shape reduces break-in time.
Start your mixed martial arts journey with the Premier MMA Sparring Glove.

From the day you touch the mat to the moment your hand is raised in the cage, the REVGEAR Premier MMA Sparring Gloves will be with you every step of the way. This hybrid glove allows you to make the perfect transition from punching to ground fighting, while giving your hands and wrists the protection they need to make your MMA journey last.
Ideal for everyday use in the gym, the Premier MMA Sparring Glove by REVGEAR is durable and comfortable, allowing you to pump the intensity up with complete confidence in your gloves. Switching between a batting glove and a grappling glove is not necessary – the Premier MMA Training Glove provides ample padding, while the open palm design allows for a grip and hold for working on submission techniques.
  • Material: robust premium synthetic leather
  • Additional thumb padding for superior protection
  • Ultra Lock™ Velcro secure hold for hand and wrist
  • Soft inner lining for exceptional comfort

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