Powerball 250Hz Classic Blue

Product.Nr.: AEC_000033

Manufacturer: Spartan

  • weight 0,4 kg

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Powerball 250 Hz Classic Blue

The ideal training for fingers, wrists, forearms and upper arms to improve athletic performance, strengthen gripping power and train coordination.
The Powerball contains an approx. 200 g heavier Rotor, which you rev up with circular movements. Angular momentum is created around the axis. This builds up stability, which is caused by the moment of inertia and the speed of rotation.
By turning the Powerball, you tilt the axis of rotation sideways and exert a torque on the rotor. He reacts with a counter-movement, he wants to get up again - but he can't because he is in a lead in the ball. The only way out for the rotor is to roll away inside the guide. Your energy is converted into increasing speeds of the rotor.
You can reach up to 16,000 revolutions per minute, whereby centrifugal forces are generated that are 80 times the rotor's own weight: 16 kg!

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