Phantom MMA Sparring Handschuhe Muay Thai Schwarz

Product.Nr.: AHN_000692_B11

Manufacturer: Phantom Athletics

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  • weight 0,5 kg
  • Size: L/XL

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Based on the bestselling APEX sparring glove model, these Muay Thai style gloves feature an exclusive design in glossy black tiger print on matte black. Not only do they offer an impressive look, but also first-class protection and comfort. Whether in training or competition, these gloves will meet your requirements.

Phantom Muay Thai MMA Sparring Gloves: Maximum impact absorption and stability

The Phantom Muay Thai MMA Sparring Gloves are specifically designed for MMA sparring and training and offer a number of impressive features:
  • Material: PU, 100% vegan: The gloves are made of high-quality PU material and are 100% vegan.
  • Thick high-tech padding on the face: These gloves feature thick padding on the face that provides excellent shock absorption and protection for your hands.
  • Long Velcro fastener for a stable wrist: The long Velcro fastener ensures a secure attachment and stabilizes your wrist during training.
  • Additional padding on the thumb joint: The thumb area has additional padding to prevent injuries and provide maximum comfort.
  • Open palm: The open palm allows for better grip and grip control, which is particularly important for MMA training and sparring.
  • Weight: approx. 6-7 Oz (ounces): This weight is ideal for MMA sparring and training.

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