Paffen Sport Star Hybrid Boxsackhandschuhe Schwarz

Product.Nr.: AAT_000835

Manufacturer: Paffen Sport

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The Paffen Sport Star Hybrid punching bag gloves are versatile and durable gloves that are ideal for equipment and punching bag training. Their material mix of leather and recycled marine plastic also makes them environmentally friendly.

The Paffen Sport Star Hybrid punching bag gloves are versatile gloves that are ideal for various types of training.
  • Eco-Friendly Material Mix: These gloves are made from a blend of leather and microfiber, with 30% recycled ocean plastic used in the microfiber. This is environmentally friendly and sustainable.
  • All-rounder: These gloves are suitable for equipment and sandbag training.
  • Maximum protection and durability: The gloves have a distinctive additional padding and a sewn-in hit area made of genuine leather on the outer hand, which ensures maximum protection and long durability. especially when it comes to equipment training.
  • Versatile use: Thanks to the complete padding, including the thumb, even unusual punching techniques can be trained
  • Ergonomic cut: The ergonomic cut ensures a comfortable fit and high wearing comfort.
  • PSXtraFoam padding: The gloves are padded with PSXtraFoam, which provides additional cushioning and protection.
  • Thumb fixation: The thumb fixation ensures that the thumb is safe and protected.
  • Velcro fastener: The gloves have a Velcro fastener that allows for individual adjustment.
  • Various sizes: The gloves are available in two sizes: M/L (approx. 14 ounces) and L/XL (approx. 16 ounces) .

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