Lifeline Power Wheel with DVD

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the ultimate abdominal training - train your body stability, strength, endurance and power.
The 2 in 1 core trainer improves core strength as well as upper and lower body stability and speed.
Advantages of the Lifeline Power Wheel

Full body workout - the core muscles are forced to stabilize the upper and lower body (static or dynamic).
Huge variety of exercises - for exercises such as push-ups or pike-ups simply fix your feet to the Power Wheel with the Velcro fastener, for rollouts the Grab the handles of the Power Wheel with your hands and put your knees or feet on the floor.
Thanks to its design, the Power Wheel leaves nothing to be desired and guarantees effective and varied core training.

Scope of delivery< br>
Power Wheel (35.5cm diameter) with foot pedals and foam handles.
Velcro fasteners for toe fixation and latex loops for the heels.
Power Wheel exercise instructions from fitness experts and d former LA Clippers athletic coach Jon Hinds

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