Hayabusa T3D Boxhandschuhe Rot Schwarz

Product.Nr.: AAM_000967

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Crafted using special resin printing technology, the Hayabusa T3D boxing gloves take premium protection, performance and comfort to a new dimension. T3D defines the DNA of a new boxing glove by using specially tailored 3D printed cells that immediately absorb shock and provide your hands with high comfort thanks to soft zoned padding. The mesh grid contains thousands of impact-absorbing struts that are proven to outperform and outlast traditional ankle padding. Combined with the patented dual-strap closure system and splinted wrist support, the T3D represents a new era of boxing.
  • Material: virtually indestructible Vylar provides excellent durability
  • Patent-pending 3D printed grid padding provides next-generation protection
  • Elastomeric resin outlasts traditional layered foams and offers unparalleled longevity
  • Precisely coordinated zone cushioning mitigates the impact energy and thus ensures optimal comfort
  • Dual-X Velcro fastener ensures a precise fit
  • Splinted wrist support ensures perfect wrist alignment
  • ultra-soft, temperature-regulating lining keeps hands cool

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