Everlast Professional Mantis Punch Mitts 410 Yellow

Product.Nr.: AAS_000029

Manufacturer: Everlast

  • weight 0,3 kg

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Everlast Profi Pads- There are things that need years of experience and constant improvement, you change things until you are satisfied and it doesn't get any better. It must have been something similar with these claws. The weight is minimal, you can move them quickly and confront your opponent with new positions again and again in a flash. Due to its curvature, the claw is perfectly adapted to the ergonomics of the hand, it is easy to catch the blows and the hand lies in such a way that the risk of injury is minimized - if a blow goes over it, the fingers are protected from painful overstretching by a leather cover. The paws have a hemispherical curvature on the inside over which the hand is fixed - this is the only way dynamic guidance is possible! Last but not least, you can fix the wrist with Velcro. Since the eye is known to box, the claws are available in the color combinations black - yellow and red - black

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