Buddy Lee's Aero Speed Jump Rope - green

Product.Nr.: AFL_000003

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The Aero Speed is aesthetically the Rolls Royce of skipping ropes and represents the latest innovations in skipping ropes. Men's Health voted it the smoothest, fastest and most balanced skipping rope, Men's Fitness and Men's Muscle also voted it already tested. No matter what fitness level you are, this rope will make you feel like a pro and you won't want to stop. This high-performance rope is designed for excessive training for the adult or youth athlete, designed for ultra-speed, 5-6 revs per second, and power jump rope training. The Aero Speed has 6 handles made from T-grade aluminum for high quality, durability and looks. Equipped with the Buddy Lee pivot bearing to eliminate drag, friction and tangling, it allows free rotation in all directions. The Aero Speed adjustment system allows you to change the length of the rope within seconds. The cable cord and pivot bearing are interchangeable.

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