Boxing ring high ring MUAY THAI 7x7m

Product.Nr.: AKU_000023_H2

Manufacturer: BOXHAUS Boxing

EUR 17.100,00
incl. 19 % VAT

  • weight 1.450 kg
  • Selection: one size

  • delivery time 4- 9 Arbeitstage (DE)

ATTENTION! This article is a commissioned work, so please inquire about send us an offer!
The delivery time is usually between 4 and 6 weeks.

The best MUAY THAI ring on the market! He combines tradition, experience, strength and respect for the opponents and the Wai Khru.  The MUAY THAI ring is designed for MUAY THAI A K1 competitions, both local and world level. The ring meets all the standards of the international associations WMC and  IFMA.
  • External dimensions 7 x 7 m
  • Internal dimensions 6.1x 6.1m
  • Platform height 1.2 m
  • Floor plates 2.5 cm
  • Bottom padding 2.5 cm
  • Cotton canvas
Through the direct cooperation with the manufacturer an almost complete customization is possible. Please contact us.


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