Boxing Training DVD MFights 1st

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The basic DVD for anyone who wants to learn the basics of boxing. Created by the boxing training team and the DBV state trainer MVP Christian Morales

here is a brief overview of the content:

Basic explanation:

Types of hits:
Straight, jab or hook? There are a few different punches in boxing. For the perfect execution of this, it is important that everything is done right from head to toe.
Footwork is one of the most important things in boxing. Without a good one, the boxer will not be successful in the long run. There are a few basic rules to follow for the right movements.
Fighting position:
The punches are right? The footwork too? Then comes the fighting position. It is responsible for attacks and defense and correct execution is therefore particularly important.

Warm Up

Warming up is mandatory before every training session. The entire organism needs time to switch from rest to a stressful situation. We'll show you how!

Running school.

Sometimes the pace is a bit faster in the ring, sometimes it's slower. The pulse goes up and down accordingly. The running school explains how to train for this and how this situation is simulated.


Movement and reactions of the body are improved through regular coordination training. Good body awareness and body awareness is of the utmost importance for a boxer require constant practice. They are the top priority in the training session after the warm-up.
The sandbag is not a real opponent, but it is a good training tool for consolidating your punching technique. It also teaches the correct posture and the development of the right use of the body.
Pad training:
The training on the pad takes a very important place in the training. With this training tool, all boxing techniques and tactics can be automated and consolidated.
Sparring is the form of training that best simulates competition. It is therefore an indispensable part of a boxer's training plan in preparation for a fight.

Cool Down:

At the end of each training session, the circulatory system should be brought down again . This can be combined with Pilates exercises, among other things.

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