Throwdown Legged Grappling Dummy

Product.Nr.: ACZ_000133

  • weight 50 kg

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With the Throwdown Legged Grappling Dummy, takedowns and other throws, as well as grab handles and ground and pound, can be trained competitively and hard without injuring a training partner.

The Throwdown 2013 Legged Grappling Dummy is available in 4 different sizes. Thus, athletes with 90kg and more body weight now have an adequate grappling dummy.

Suitable for many martial arts, e.g. Grappling, BJJ, Judo, Luta LIvre, Vale Tudo, Muay-Thai and much more.

Throwdown wrestler doll made of high-quality and durable imitation leather
Anatomically correct weight distribution
Available in 4 different sizes: Weight approx. 32kg - Height: approx. 162cm, weight approx. 41kg - height approx. 172cm, weight approx. 54.5kg - height approx. 182cm, weight approx. 63.5kg - height 192cm
Colour: black

Please Note: This item is handmade. Therefore, there may be slight variations in dimensions and/or weight.

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