Shock Doctor 213 groin protection core with Bio Flex Cup

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Shock Doctor groin protection supporter with Bioflex Cup
classic groin protection with a plastic insert – this insert consists of a high-tech construction that directs the impacting forces to the outside and has a strong impact-absorbing effect – a gel edge also dampens the forces that occur. The insert is easy to remove and only needs to be inserted when it matters most - in turn, the supporter can be easily washed after the insert has been removed.

Test report by David Rost - BARACUDA Gym, Munich - MUAY THAI / MMA :
I've been training with this cup for six months now and can only do it Recommend to everyone. It offers enough flexibility to not interfere with training and catches missteps, knees, etc. solidly. Unlike some other models, it is not made of metal but has a kind of carbon armor piece in the front. It is therefore approved for every common competition.
The bracket keeps it reliably in place and doesn't slip at all - unlike other models I've owned before. If you want an even better fit, you can upgrade your groin protection at any time with the right compression shorts. This has an extra inner pocket for the cup.
The sizes are regular - so you can confidently rely on the table.

Here are some tips for choosing the size:
                    • S
                    • - corresponds to approx. jeans size 26-30
                    • M
                    • - corresponds to approx. jeans size 30- 34
                    • L
                    • - corresponds to approx. jeans size 34-38
                    • XL< /span>
                    • - corresponds to approx. jeans size 40-42
                    • XXL
                    • - corresponds to approx .Jeans size 42- 44

                      Attention: since these groin protectors are underwear, the packaging is sealed - as soon as this packaging If damaged, these groin guards cannot be exchanged or returned.

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