Fortress Boxing T.6 Profi Fastwraps Boxbandagen Schwarz

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Manufacturer: Fortress Boxing

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Based on the extremely successful T.5 Fastwraps, the T.6 Fastwraps offer you a significant improvement with greater protection. The T.6 is a hybrid between the T.1 and T.5 with the same fixed ankle straps and 1m compression wraps as the T.5, but with the T1's superior TF8 3D fabric. Almost identical in appearance to the T1, without the many adjustable elements or the rigid wrist rest, but a great alternative and cheaper option.
to create quickly
  • TF8 3D fabric
  • 3 in 1 ankle protection (not adjustable)
  • incl. 1 m long compression bandage
  • 20 mm thick memory foam ankle padding
  • 100% breathable

  • 1 pair of T.6 Fastwraps
  • 1 pair of 1 m bandage
  • 1 wash bag

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