Caulibuds Neodymium Magnets Compression Kit Black

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Caulibuds Neodymium Magnete Compression Kit - Cauliflower Ear Prevention Kit

CauliBuds offer an innovative solution to prevent and treat cauliflower ears using silicone-encased magnets and compression force. Discreet and effective, the CauliBuds can be worn comfortably throughout the day without drawing undue attention.

When should you buy CauliBuds?
The best course of action against cauliflower ears is prevention. It is best to buy the CauliBuds before the problem even occurs. Although CauliBuds offer an effective solution to treating cauliflower ears, prevention is always the best option. Make sure you have CauliBuds on hand to respond immediately to any discomfort or sign of cauliflower ears.

Developed by athletes for athletes.
CauliBuds were developed in collaboration with real Brazilian jiu-jitsu and wrestling practitioners and competitors. They are designed to stay snug on the ear during intense exercise. You can be sure that CauliBuds are not only comfortable, but also stay in place during intensive training.

CauliBuds are made of high quality, durable material that won't deform, loosen or crack and will last for years.

Because you take your training seriously, it's just as important to take your recovery seriously. Effective cauliflower ear treatment means you can get back on the mat, in the ring, or on the field faster than ever.

How CauliBuds work
Each CauliBuds set includes two sets of magnets (large and small). Once the ear is deflated or there is slight swelling, choose the appropriate size and place the magnets on either side of the affected area. Wear the CauliBuds for the next 48-72 hours or until healed.

CauliBuds are available in two sizes - large; and small to provide the right compression and coverage for your needs. The large magnets cover a larger area, while the small magnets are for hard-to-reach areas or smaller ears.

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