Benlee Fist Junior Slip Bandages Black

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Manufacturer: Benlee

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Discover the Benlee Fist Junior slip bandages in elegant black. These high-quality bandages have been specially developed for young fighters to provide optimal protection for hands and wrists.

The bandages consist of a material mix of 80% polyester, 10% rubber and 10% cotton. This combination provides an ideal balance between comfort and support during training or competition.

The slip-on design allows the bandages to be put on and taken off easily, which is particularly useful for young athletes. The Benlee Fist Junior slip bandages offer a comfortable fit and ensure reliable stabilization of the wrists.

Whether you practice boxing, MMA or another martial art, these bandages are the ideal companion for young athletes who want to improve their technique and put their skills to the test.

Get the Benlee Fist Junior slip bandages in black now and give your training the additional protection you need to be successful!
  • Material: 80% polyester, 10% rubber, 10% cotton
  • with Velcro bandage

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