Adidas Opro Gen4 Silver Edition Mouthguard White Black Senio

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Manufacturer: Adidas

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Opro’s two-layer mouthguard, with a durable outer layer for more impact protection (compared to Bronze level)
This is where the patented, unique lamella technology from Opro comes into play. With Opro, there is no gel inside the mouthguard shell, but raised lamellae (fins). These fins are then spread by the teeth as you adjust in the hot water and wrap around the bit for maximum protection. This prevents excess gel, which usually escapes to the side in commercial tooth protectors, from interfering with the fit and comfort.
The innovative stretch zones (three small indentations distributed over the edge of the mouthguard) also ensure that the shell can expand with a wide bit and contract with a narrow bit. This will result in the perfect mouthguard for everyone.
Furthermore, a handle is supplied with the Opro-Silver mouthguard so that the mouthguard can be easily removed from the hot water by the handle. In addition, the prongs of the handle ensure that you cannot bite through the mouthguard when adjusting, so you can adjust the Opro-Silver perfectly to your teeth with maximum pressure and maximum biting
In addition to protection for the teeth, the Opro mouth guard also offers ideal protection against jaw and face injuries as well as concussions.
Fitting: Please follow the supplied fitting instructions EXACTLY to guarantee the best fit of the mouthguard.
Included instructions are in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish. There is also a QR code printed on the back of the pack with a link to the fitting video.
Of course, a great box with a secure screw cap is included
  • up to 10 years
  • not suitable for braces
  • latex free
  • The mouthguard can be twisted shut for a secure closure and ventilation slots are included
  • Instructions also in German (note carefully)
  • Silver level: increased protection for all contact sports such as martial arts, rugby, football, handball, basketball, hockey, lacrosse and many more
  • Opro is an official sponsor of the England national rugby team, the England national field hockey team and many individual athletes
  • Made in England
  • The color of the logo may vary (chrome)

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