Tiguar Powerband extra heavy Grey

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tiguar Power Band GT are special bands that were created in cooperation with Jakub Podgórski, the inventor of the Power Band GT concept. These extremely durable bands are not only used in power band training, but can also be used for many sports in which motor skills play a role. Four different resistance levels make it easy for anyone exercising to find the right Power Band GT for their fitness level and the exercise in question.
The innovative power bands are equipped with a new system that shows how many kilograms of force are currently being used. At the same time, the optimal length of the power band is displayed.

Available in the following variants:
I. Level - Powerband, purple: Light intensity.
Just right for beginners and complex exercises that combine many movements.

II. Level - Powerband, blue: Medium intensity.
The universal band for most participant requirements. Excellent for partner practice.

III. Level - Powerband, olive: Heavy resistance.
Mainly used in strength training programs for women and men. Made for advanced users. Also often used in Powerband Mobility courses.

IV. Level - Powerband, grey: Very heavy resistance.
Suitable for men and advanced women in powerband strength training. Also works very well as a counterweight in dynamic or explosive strength exercises. -

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