Super Pro Combat Gear Pattaya Bauchschutz Schwarz

Product.Nr.: ADE_000373

Manufacturer: Super Pro Combat Gear

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This abdominal protector is an essential piece of equipment for Thai fighters and anyone who has to withstand hard kicks and punches in training. With its excellent padding and durable construction, it offers optimal protection and comfort during training.

The Super Pro Combat Gear Pattaya Abdominal Guard is a high quality piece of protective gear specifically designed to protect against hard kicks in Muay Thai and other martial arts. This abdominal protector provides thick padding that effectively absorbs the impact energy of kicks and protects the wearer from injury.

The abdominal protector is made of robust leather, which makes it durable and hard-wearing. The durable material ensures that the abdominal protection can withstand the rigors of training and retain its shape.

The comfortable fit of the abdominal protection ensures optimal wearing comfort and allows the wearer to move freely and carry out techniques safely. In addition, the abdominal protector is equipped with an adjustable strap that allows the wearer to customize the fit and ensure that the abdominal protector stays firmly in place.
  • made from thick leather
  • handmade in Thailand
  • adjustable closure 

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