Stroops Leap Frog Heavy

Product.Nr.: ADO_000032

  • weight 1 kg

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What Insane Bolt 2 does to speed gain in each run, Leap Frog does to launch speed and explosiveness. Leap Frog is used for explosive start and jump sequences to get the most explosiveness out of the athletes.

Here it is again possible to literally explode in the first few meters of the movement, making it both difficult and easier due to the partner connection. The Slastix included in the package with an initial length of approx. 1.2 meters stretches very quickly to a maximum of 63 kg tensile force at 3.6 meters and thus offers the possibility of training the starting speed.

So who is already up in his sport If you want to be ahead the first few meters and have to, you are well advised to take up the Leap Frog challenge!

Available in the resistance level Heavy (150lbs. / approx. 4feet / about 1.2 meters)

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