Stroops Body Weight Gym II with Slastix

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Training with your own body weight is as old as athletics itself. With the suspension trainers, this method has received new impetus in recent years and the positive effects are clear. A better body connection, increased strength, increased balance and improved mobility are the results of working with this training equipment.

With the Stroops Body Weight Gym, even more is now possible!

Through the connection from the anchor point to the grip via Slastix, its elastic resistance can be used for more dynamics in the execution of the exercise. However, this fact also requires the trainee to stabilize another level of movement in the exercises and thus to work even more securely on the joints. Furthermore, due to the individual suspension of the training bands, there is now also the possibility to work alternately to a greater extent, which was not possible with the conventional static suspension trainers. The Body Weight Gym fulfills far more training options and is simple and easy to transport and attach anywhere

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