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Rogue Fighting Gloves

one of the world's best-selling MMA gloves. The open thumb design guarantees safe execution of holds and throws. Wrist closure with the patented TRI-Wrap system for the best joint support even under the toughest conditions > The MMA Glove is a UFC style glove, ie the design and manufacture are based on the Ouano classic. The glove is completely open on the palm side (so-called open palm) and has no extra thumb loop. The closure on the wrist can be wrapped 1 ½ times around the joint. It is double on the bottom and easy to close with Velcro on the top. The thin upholstery is covered with leather. Overall, the glove is mainly made of leather. The glove is priced in the middle range.

First of all, it is positive to note that the wrist fastener can be closed well, the wrist bandage offers good stability and the "Rogue Tri - Wrap wrist wrap system" is tightly closed. Furthermore, the glove offers a good feeling when gripping due to the open palm side. The very thin padding makes the glove very hard and only conditionally suitable for training. On the negative side, however, it is noticeable that the ends of the individual pieces of leather are not well processed and the sharp ends of the leather layer cut into the hand and fingers

The "Rogue Fightgear Competition Pro Series" MMA Glove is used it is a decent competition glove. Due to the thin padding, use in training, especially in sparring, is only recommended for advanced users. An uncontrolled hit with it can be very hard. The glove is all the more suitable for competitions, especially for pro fighters. Due to the open palm, the glove gives a good feeling when grappling. The thin padding ensures that you don't get your hand stuck unintentionally. The leather cuts into the palm, but this can be avoided by wearing bandages. The velcro does not open when fighting and only causes a few "scratch marks" on the opponent. Overall, the glove is recommended as a competition glove, especially because of the price/performance ratio.

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