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Muay Thai – DVD series

The Thai national sport, Muay Thai, also known as Thai boxing, inspires viewers with spectacular techniques. Likewise with the hardness and commitment of the athletes. Martial arts are practiced daily in the numerous combat stadiums in Thailand. Thai boxing has also found a large following outside of Thailand. The athletes attack each other for five laps until they are completely exhausted. They perform techniques with fists, elbows, knees, shins and feet.
Muay Thai is a martial art that has been handed down for many centuries. It is considered the most effective form of fighting and self-defense while standing. In the meantime, it has also established itself as a form of fitness training. It is an excellent way to promote endurance, strength, flexibility and coordination effectively and with fun.

Choose between Thai boxing: as a competitive sport, for self-defence or as fitness training. In this DVD series you will learn everything you need to know about Muay Thai. You will learn the most important techniques in detail, presented by superstars of the Muay Thai scene. You will also learn how to train effectively and will be shown the training of world champions and their best techniques. Use the DVDs as an interactive training aid for your own training or as a supplement for training in a club.

Main content
This DVD series covers everything important about Thai boxing. The techniques are shown step by step by current Thai boxing champions.
Basic techniques, defense and counter techniques as well as feints are included. You will learn how an effective training is set up and you will receive training tips from the superstars of the Thai boxing scene - Stance, steps, important hit targets
- 32 basic techniques in detail
- Clinching techniques and basics of defense

Thai boxing DVD: fight/counterattack (approx. 140 min, publication October 15th, 2011)
- Introduction
- The 70 most important defense and counter techniques against all possible attacks

Thai Boxing DVD: Training (approx. 120 min, publication 01.11.2011)
- Overview of the training
- Training and the best techniques of the superstars Saiyok and Kem
- Feints
- Combinations

- Filmed in HD at famous places in Thailand.
- Format: DVD 9 .
Voiced by Men's Health Narrator- motivating songs.

- Saiyok Pumphanmuang (current world champion, numerous Thailand titles, unbeaten for over 3 years , is considered by many to be the best Thai boxer in the world at the moment.)
- Kem Sitsongpeenong (current world champion, numerous Thailand titles, current winner 1,000,000 baht tournament)
- Antuan Siangboxing (current world champion, French Superstar, Contender Show Contestant)
- Phetbunchu FA Group (Current World Champion, 8-time Thailand and Lumpini Champion.)
- Petpatum "Wee" Nakorntongparkview (Former Thailand Champion, Actor, Stuntman)
- Samranchai 96Peenung (Thailand Champion, numerous fights worldwide)
- Nonsai Sor Sanyakorn (including International Champion, numerous fights worldwide)
- Armin Tor Prantaksin (current World Champion)
- Jaochalam Chatnakanok Gym (former World Champion, currently 3rd ranking)
- Prakaisaeng Sit Or (Thailand champion, among others)
- Pit Khaisaeng (trainer of numerous superstars, such as Saiyok)
- Suvit Bamrungrai (Thailand's trainer of the year)

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