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aeroSling Elite Slingtrainer

Hundreds of exercises and exercise variations for strength and muscle coordination are possible. Training with a pulley is exciting because it enormously expands the possibilities of sling training. All aeroSling models allow free training in any direction thanks to the central pulley. Due to the instability created by the pulley, you train strength and muscle coordination at the same time and your effective strength also increases noticeably in everyday situations. Completely natural and fluid movement sequences can be carried out with individually adjustable resistance. Of course, it is also possible to steplessly reduce the instability and make new exercises a little easier.

The device comes with durable and very high-quality handles with an aluminum core and high-quality plastic cover. The aeroSling ELITE is the model for the user who wants maximum flexibility during training. The handle height is set within seconds via an easy-to-adjust, patented handle knot. For very quick changes in grip height, it is usually sufficient to adjust just one of the two grip knots. Foot straps are already integrated - with the aeroSling ELITE you just slide the handles to the side of the handle strap and use the handle strap itself to hang your feet.

With the removable, integrated door anchor you can now train almost anywhere. Whenever possible, we always recommend using the anchor sling tied around a solid object or the anchor carabiner. But sometimes a door is the only option. In this case, use a stable door and connect it to the door anchor. Start your personal sling fitness training with the aeroSling ELITE!

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