Rehape Sling Trainer Set

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Start immediately with your personal SlingTrainings workout! The basic exercises and the basic methodology are explained on six posters, the SlingTraining DVD offers further exercise suggestions in ten video sequences and also two complete short workouts.

No matter whether at home or in the office - only five minutes of SlingTraining a day will help you more stability and a healthy posture! And training in the loose ropes is just fun! Are you an athlete or trainer and are you looking for exercises for effective stabilization training? Then you've come to the right place with this training set!
The Foeldeak sling trainer and a stable attachment option - for example a swing hook, a door anchor or a solid branch - that's all you need to give your body more stability and a healthy posture help! Whenever you want, where you want, as intensively as you want!
The Foeldeak Sling-Trainer is probably the smallest gym in the world: It fits in every bag and is always with you - whether you're travelling, in the office or in the park! And training in the loose ropes is just fun!
The tear-resistant mountaineering rope for the Foeldeak Sling-Trainer is manufactured in-house and the water-repellent, breathable loops are sewn by hand - this is how the Sling-Trainer withstands continuous daily use in medical practices and fitness studios was standing. And so you can use your sling trainer for a long time, even when you use it privately!
Small muscles are big! SlingTraining simply makes you strong: It specifically strengthens those muscle groups that are rarely used in everyday life, but help your body to gain more stability and a healthy posture.

And this is how it works: The body automatically tries to make the ropes unstable balance and bring oneself into balance. For this purpose, deep-lying muscles close to the joints are activated, so-called local stabilizers, which stabilize, support and thus protect the joints.
The Foeldeak Sling-Trainer spacer made of solid wood ensures additional instability and thus an even more effective training - not only advanced. It is easily fixed between the ropes with two metal fasteners that can be screwed on and can be quickly inserted or removed as required.

The exercise intensity can be varied using two simple principles: 1) The exercises become easier if you shortens the lever: Instead of using your hands, simply support the loops with your forearms. The same applies to the legs, it's harder at the ankle, easier at knee height!
2) The distance to the suspension point also plays a role: if you move your starting position forward from the perpendicular, the exercise becomes easier. The further back you move your starting position from the perpendicular, the more difficult the exercise becomes.

Contents: Foeldeak Sling Trainer
Six-piece poster set
SlingTraining DVD
Door anchor
Sling trainer information

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