Reballdo Reflexball und Trainingsball Green

Product.Nr.: AAT_000099

Manufacturer: Paffen Sport

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The REBALLDO reflex ball is attached to a headband with an elastic rope.
If you set it in motion, the reflex ball's own life will do the rest, it is almost unpredictable how it will react - you have to decide quickly whether to hit the ball again, want to fend off or avoid him. The more you move the ball, the faster it will come back - this enables training that is based on the individual needs and wishes of the athlete.

The reflex ball is available in three different versions. The Starter Edition is ideal for beginners. The Advanced Edition is smaller and faster and is aimed at the advanced user, while the Professional Edition requires maximum reflexes and concentration. The set includes all three balls and a headband - a headband is also supplied with each individual ball.

Starter green Ball diameter: approx. 90 mm
Advanced yellow ball diameter: approx. 65 mm
Pro orange ball diameter: approx. 55 mm

Complete set (all 3 balls)

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