Quantum Boxpratzen RX6 Leder schwarz

Product.Nr.: ALF_000057_B4

Manufacturer: Quantum

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  • weight 0,5 kg
  • Size: S

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The QUANTUM RX6 Long Punching Pads are very high-quality pads that are designed for high loads in training. These hybrid pads combine the properties and functionality of classic boxing pads with Thai pads. They are significantly larger, thicker and heavier than classic boxing pads, which are only intended for boxing techniques, but slightly smaller than Thai pads, which are mainly used for kicks.
In contrast to the Thai pads, which are attached to the forearms, the long boxing pads are worn on the hands, which allows for quicker position changes compared to the much larger and heavier Thai pads. The extra long shape of these punch pads covers not only the palms of the hands, but also part of the forearms. This means that the high force of the blows is absorbed not only by the hands, but above all by the forearms, which prevents excessive strain on the wrists.
The main function and biggest advantage of the long boxing pads is that they can be used for fast boxing techniques as well as hard kicks, elbows and knees techniques.
  • Material: buffalo leather
  • Lightweight 5-layer foam core
  • Compact shape, ideal for a very wide range of uses
  • Special protection over the hand
  • Velcro fastener for a firm hold on the wrist
  • Extra reinforced
  • Size 30x 19x 7 cm
  • Weight per boxing pad approx. 0.7kg

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