Phantom Sport Tape 50mm White

Product.Nr.: AHN_000570_H2

Manufacturer: Phantom Athletics

EUR 5,99
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  • weight 0,2 kg
  • Selection: one size

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Premium sports tapes for martial arts and fitness.
  • Excellent adhesive and cohesive properties
  • Supports joints and bones
  • Protects against abrasions
  • Can be used with magnesium
  • Perfect hold on the skin, even under intense strain
  • Leaves no adhesive residue
  • Ideal for bandaging hands in martial arts
  • Latex free
  • Cutman checked
  • 1 roll of each
  • 5cm x 6.9m
  • 2inch x 272inch

Structure and resilience
The special flexible structure of the tape enables optimal support, complete protection and the best support in the desired place despite the required freedom of movement and high wearing comfort. This makes the tape the perfect choice when it comes to improved support, protection of the skin or stability and you want to choose the freedom of movement individually thanks to the flexible structure.
The Premium Sport Tape sticks excellently and withstands high loads, but can be easily torn and can therefore be used perfectly without scissors.

Use in the fitness area
The Phantom Sporttapes are used in fitness areas such as weightlifting, cross-training, calisthenics or functional fitness, primarily to support the joints (wrist, fingers, ankles, knees...). They impress with their exceptional adhesive properties and hold even in water, heavy sweating or high pressure.
They also protect against abrasion on particularly stressed areas of the hands or feet.

Use in martial arts
In MMA, Muay Thai, boxing and other martial arts, the Phantom Sporttapes are used to support particularly stressed areas, such as your joints.
On the other hand, they are perfect for bandaging the hands in fights and are used here by professional cutmen.

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