Hayabusa Kanpeki Elite Sparring Gloves 16 oz

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Hayabusa Kanpeki Sparring Gloves 16 oz

The Hayabusa Kanpeki 16 oz sparring boxing gloves impress with their exceptional combination of craftsmanship, superior technology and breathtaking design. In short: they keep what they promise. From hour to hour, the gloves nestle better and better on the hands of their wearer. Thanks to the thermoform technology, the hands stay dry and above all in the right place.

Perfection is a word that is often used but rarely achieved - until now. Just one look at the new Hayabusa Elite series says it all. After years of development, Hayabusa is now launching the Kanpeki product line, which is probably the highest quality MMA product that has ever existed.

No detail has been overlooked in the creation of this series. Featuring aesthetic yet robust full-grain leather and cutting-edge technology, each piece in this collection offers unmatched functionality, durability and an unmistakable classic elegance.

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