Green Hill GYM Boxing Gloves Red

Product.Nr.: AAU_000003

Manufacturer: Green Hill

  • weight 0,5 kg

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Green Hill boxing gloves - gym sparring gloves made of selected cowhide leather with a preformed hand grip and Velcro fastener. Weight: 8, 12, 14 and 16 ounces

The indication of the number of ounces for boxing gloves says something about the weight of the gloves. The number of ounces, on the other hand, is not an indication of size and does not say anything about the hardness or thickness of the padding. The weight of an ounce is 28.35 g. In amateur boxing, gloves with a weight of 283.5 g (equivalent to 10 oz) are required for the competition. In training, heavier gloves are usually used in sparring to keep the risk of injury low and to increase the training effect. Some children also use gloves from 6 oz to 8 oz.

8 ounces = 226.8 grams
10 ounces = 283.5 grams
12 ounces = 340.5 grams
14 Ounces = 396.9 grams
16 ounces = 453.6 grams

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