Foeldeak Wooden Clubs wooden club

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  • weight 1,5 kg

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The club is probably the oldest war and training device of mankind. The heroes of the past and from legends could always be depicted with powerful clubs, which naturally consisted of wood. Club training has been practiced in the Persian and Indian regions since Alexander the Great to the present day, and is closely related to the development of wrestling in these latitudes. Clubs were also used by wrestlers in the mid-19th century. (Karl Gotch, etc.) an insider tip for sport-related strength training. Club training involves moving light clubs from a few hundred grams to very heavy clubs weighing 17 kg or more. The training with the clubs takes place in cyclic swings and movements, which take place from alternating and simultaneous repetitions to entire movement combinations like a freestyle (or flow). The use of clubs increases coordination, grip strength, body tension (core) and the strength of the muscle chains of the entire shoulder girdle and neck area. Such a training is very functional and ideally suited to complete specific additional training for physical martial arts (wrestling, judo, grappling, MMA and much more).

Please note: The Foeldeak Wooden Clubs impress with their pure simplicity and the beautiful natural grain of the wood. Only high-quality, well-stored and dried beech wood is used for production. Nevertheless, small cracks can appear in the wood after production due to temperature and humidity fluctuations. However, these usually only occur temporarily and disappear again when the temperature or humidity changes again.

The Foeldeak Wooden Clubs are available in 4 different sizes: XS (46 cm, 0.5 kg), S (47 cm, 1 kg), M (62 cm, 2 kg) or L (72 cm, 3 kg) - one club is delivered

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