Foeldeak Leather Bell 4 014 0 kg per piece

Product.Nr.: AAA_000006

  • weight 7 kg

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Foeldeak Leather Bell 4.0-14.0 kg
High level of craftsmanship - very durable
Technical cowhide leather up to 3 mm thick
Doubled material
Ultra strong stitching
Multi-layer structure made of leather and high-tech materials< br>elastic and shape-retaining
intensive training for every type of sport
for muscle building and condition, for fitness and fat burning

grip strength: 3.5 cm
diameter of the ball: approx. 20 cm
train safely without protective mats
avoids injuries

The Foeldeak Leather Bell is available in 4 weight classes: XS (4 kg) color coding yellow for body weight 27-40kg
S (8 kg) color coding green for body weight 40-65kg
M (12 kg) color marking red for body weight 65-86kg or L (14 kg) color marking black for body weight over 86kg

Please note: Because this item is individually handcrafted, it can there are deviations in color and slight variations in dimensions and/or weight. Small inclusions in the leather are included and result in the unmistakably handcrafted character.

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